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Roasted Pork Meat - $13.90

From pork chops in wine sauce, served on risotto with curcuma and prosciutto and sage chips


Juicy Pork Loin - $12.90

BBQ grilled and served on spicy tomato puree


Veal Tenderloin - $26.90

In crispy parmesan with onion sauce and salads mix with acacia dressing


Young Veal - $21.90

With fresh spinach, potatoes, carrots and fresh pepper



Choban Salad - $6.90

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper, cheese, summak, placed on a canapet of white cheese


Traditional Salad - $6.20

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onoin, crushed sheep cheese, parsley, olives, roasted peppers, red hot pepper


Shopska Salad - $8.99

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, cheese, parsley, olives

Homemade Appetisers - $18.90

Sausages, emmental, two kinds of appetizer, roasted chili peppers, pickled onions with olives


Selected Cheeses Platter - $17.90

With a variety selection of fruits and fruit purees


Roasted Camembert - $10.90

With herbs on caramelized peaches, sliced almonds and forest blueberries jam


Coquiless St. Jacques - $21.90

In Pernod and fennel, with fish consommé in agar-agar



Salad With Tiger Prawns - $14.90

On a mix of salads, grapefruit fillets, sliced almonds and spicy mango dressing


Bouquet Lettuce & Iceberg - $12.90

With aromatic pecorino cheese, coquilles St. Jacques and acacia dressing


Beef Carpaccio Salad - $10.90

With a mix of lettuce in a basket of spelt and onion



5 - 10 PM

Dinner Menu

Platter Homemade Fish - $14.90

Salmon, trout, mackerel paste and butter with herbs


Beef Carpaccio - $13.90

On a canapé of parmesan, fresh arugula and balsamic dressing


Pickled Vegetables - $6.90

On BBQ with Philadephia cheese mousse


Grilled Halloumi - $6.90

Served on grilled vegetables, fresh garlic and chickpeas



Roasted Salmon - $22.90

In nuts and herbs with banana Bearnaise


Stuffed Seabass - $24.50

With smoked salmon in cream glaze, and fennel and capers puree


Chicken Fillet With Ricotta - $13.90

With spinach and ricotta, baked with cheese


Coffee Duck - $17.90

Duck fillet, marinated in coffee with fruit purees and white cheese

Green Salad - $4.75

Quinoa, green peas, fresh cucumbers, avocado, homemade cheese and herbal pesto


Kibu Salad - $7.50

Garden parsley, tomato concasse, pickled forest mushrooms, chickpea and lemon-garlic dressing


Strawberry Salad - $9.90

With fresh spinach, iceberg salad, Camembert, walnuts and balsamic dressing

12 - 4 PM

Italiana - $7.90

Juicy peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, aromatic parmesan, spring onion and balsamic dressing


Juicy Tomato - $8.90

With marinated grilled zucchini and Burata cheese



Lunch Menu


Carefully selected to match even the most exquisite of tastes, and

prepared with the highest quality ingredients.